The South Carolina Troopers Association would like to thank you for your interest in our organization. We would also like to make you aware that several other organizations may be soliciting your home or business for donations. Do not be confused about the source of these solicitations from organizations with similar names. The SCTA is not affiliated with the State Trooper‑Highway Patrolman Association, the American Association of State Troopers, the South Carolina State Troopers Coalition or any other organization claiming to represent State Troopers.

Our organization, formed in 1987, represents over 90 percent of Active and Retired State Troopers of the South Carolina Highway Patrol and we currently have more than 2000 members. No other group can legitimately make these claims. We are the real South Carolina Troopers Association.

 The SCTA conducts it fundraising programs over the telephone and through the mail. Our fundraising programs do not require individuals to buy any products. It is important to note, however, that sponsor members will receive a plaque identifying them as a sponsor member, and advertisers are asked to submit ad copy. At no time will an individual come by your home or business to pick up your donation. The South Carolina Troopers Association is registered under the South Carolina Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act.

If you receive a residential solicitation and agree to make a contribution, our professional fundraisers will send out a pledge kit that includes a letter signed by the Executive Director of the SCTA, a pledge confirmation card, a SCTA Supporter decal, various traffic safety literatures and a pre‑addressed envelope to return the pledge in. All of our residential solicitations are conducted over the telephone and through the United States Postal Service. 

Business Solicitations are made to business owners throughout the state for advertisement in South Carolina Trooper, the official publication of the SCTA. When a business agrees to buy magazine advertisement space, a business supporter package is sent out. This package contains an invoice and various literature about the SCTA including a letter signed by the Executive Director of the SCTA, Supporter decals and a return envelope to be mailed in along with the ad copy and payment. 
To verify the legitimacy of any solicitation you receive, or for more information, please feel free to call the SCTA Office directly at 1-800‑633‑2236, e-mail us at, or visit us online:

Thank you for your support!
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