About the SCTA: Our Past, Present, & Future

The South Carolina Troopers Association (SCTA) began when four SC State Troopers recognized the need to organize a professional association for State Highway Patrol Officers. On September 7, 1987, these four troopers incorporated the South Carolina Troopers Association and served as the Board of Directors until they could organize formal elections. In early 1988, elections were held and the new Board was sworn in and installed.

Today, the Board of Directors has more than a dozen members. Four of these are the Executive Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The remaining consist of Troop Representatives from the seven patrol troops, a Patrol Headquarters Rep, a Bureau of Protective Services Rep, a State Transport Police Rep, and a Retiree’s Rep.

We proudly represent over 90% of active-duty South Carolina State Troopers and a growing number of SC Bureau of Protective Services and SC State Transport Police officers

All Board Members are elected by the membership and are Active or Retired members of the SC Department of Public Safety. They serve on the board in their off duty hours and attend Board of Director’s meetings on a regular basis to discuss upcoming issues and topics that may affect the membership as well as the Highway Patrol and citizens of our Great State. The SCTA employs an Executive Director, a Director of Operations, an Executive Assistant, and Fundraisers.

The SCTA building, completed in February 1994, includes our administrative office, a merchandise store and office space for the Board of Directors. The SCTA utilizes telephone solicitations as well as direct mail to promote our programs to both residential and business supporters. For business supporters, we offer advertisement in our official publication, The South Carolina Trooper. All proceeds from our fundraising efforts help fund association programs and our lobbyist, who monitors and pursues legislation that will be beneficial to State Troopers, the citizens of South Carolina and Law Enforcement as a whole.

We have come a long way since our incorporation in 1987, and we are proud to represent over ninety percent of the Active State Troopers and a growing number of SC Bureau of Protective Services and SC State Transport Police officers. With the continued support of our members and the citizens of our state, we can only continue to grow and improve in the years to come.

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