Our Board of Directors

Today, the Board of Directors has more than a dozen members. Four of these are the Executive Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The remaining consist of Troop Representatives from the seven patrol troops, a Patrol Headquarters Rep, a Bureau of Protective Services Rep, a State Transport Police Rep, and a Retiree’s Rep.

Executive Director M Gosnell
 Executive Director
 MA Gosnell

President BG Dewitt
 BG Dewitt

Vice President WC West
 Vice President
 WC West

Secretary MD Tomson
 MD Tomson

Treasurer DJ Bron Jr
 DJ Bron Jr

Retirees Rep H Deese
 Retirees Rep
 HR Deese

Troop 1 Rep GM Colbert
 Troop 1 Rep
 GM Colbert

Troop 2 Rep JC Ashley
 Troop 2 Rep
 JC Ashley

Troop 3 Rep TE Nance
 Troop 3 Rep
 TE Nance

Troop 4 Rep TA Hamrick
 Troop 4 Rep
 TA Hamrick

Troop 5 Rep RJ Gannon
 Troop 5 Rep
 RJ Gannon

Troop 6 Rep SD Southerland II
 Troop 6 Rep
 SD Southerland II

Troop 7 Rep SM Williams
 Troop 7 Rep
 SM Williams

Troop 8 Rep TJ Riddle
 Troop 8 (HQ) Rep
 TJ Riddle

BPS Rep L Walker
 BPS Rep
 LR Walker

STP Rep C Norton
 STP Rep
 CT Norton

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