Our Board of Directors

Today, the Board of Directors has more than a dozen members. Four of these are the Executive Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The remaining consist of Troop Representatives from the seven patrol troops, a Patrol Headquarters Rep, a Bureau of Protective Services Rep, a State Transport Police Rep, and a Retiree’s Rep.

Executive Director M Gosnell
 Executive Director
 MA Gosnell

President BG Dewitt
 BG Dewitt

Vice President WC West
 Vice President
 WC West

Secretary MD Tomson
 MD Tomson


Retirees Rep H Deese
 Retirees Rep
 HR Deese

Troop 1 Rep R Harp
 Troop 1 Rep
 R Harp

Troop 2 Rep JC Ashley
 Troop 2 Rep
 JC Ashley

Troop 3 Rep TE Nance
 Troop 3 Rep
 TE Nance

Troop 4 Rep TA Hamrick
 Troop 4 Rep
 TA Hamrick

Troop 5 Rep RJ Gannon
 Troop 5 Rep
 RJ Gannon

Troop 6 Rep SD Southerland II
 Troop 6 Rep
 SD Southerland II

Troop 7 Rep SM Williams
 Troop 7 Rep
 SM Williams

Troop 8 Rep TJ Riddle
 Troop 8 (HQ) Rep
 TJ Riddle

BPS Rep L Walker
 BPS Rep
 LR Walker

STP Rep C Norton
 STP Rep
 CT Norton

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