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By purchasing a Colonel Level Corporate Sponsorship, you’re helping Troopers and their families and your company gets fringe benefits itself! AND *NO* THIS ITEM IS *NOT* OUT OF STOCK! Read below for details!

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No! This item is *not* out of stock! Read the fine print at the very bottom for details!

The SC Troopers Association helps Troopers and their families by offering four primary benefits:

  • Annual Scholarship awards to help Troopers and their children attend college
  • an Emergency Needs Fund to help Troopers and their families when the unexpected happens
  • a Legal Defense Fund to help Troopers and their families cope with unexpected legal issues
  • and Survivors’ Death Benefits which provide for a Trooper’s family when tragedy strikes

By becoming a Colonel Level Corporate Sponsor, you will be helping to make these benefits possible. Even better, your company will get some fringe benefits too! These benefits include:

  • a one-year subscription to the ‘South Carolina Trooper’ magazine, the official publication of the SCTA
  • a two-page advertisement within the ‘South Carolina Trooper’ magazine
  • web advertising on the homepage
  • recognition at the Annual Trooper dinner as a sponsor of the dinner
  • recognition at three trooper training lunches of your choice as the lunch sponsor

But, hurry! Due to limited space in our magazine and on our homepage, only a few Corporate Sponsorship slots are available. First-come, first-served! Help us help SC Troopers and their families! Become a Colonel Level Corporate Sponsor today in three easy steps!

  1. Complete and mail our Corporate Sponsorship Form, then
  2. Click “Enroll Today” below to go to our PayPal page, then
  3. checkout! You don’t even need a PayPal account!

Do you want more details? Call us at 1-800-633-2236 and ask! Or send an email to office at sctroopers dot org!

Thank you for helping us help Troopers and their families!

In case you’re wondering why we have this item listed as “Out of Stock” (it’s not really out of stock!) and in case you’re wondering why we have put an “Enroll Today” button on this page instead of allowing you to add this item to your cart, the reason is simple: All proceeds from our Memberships go into a different account (for tax and accounting purposes)!

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